Muslim Leaders Bless Supreme Court Judge

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Justice Tanko Amadu has received the blessings of Muslim leaders in the country following his nomination to the Supreme Court by President Akufo-Addo.
At the residence of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, where he went yesterday to pay a courtesy call, the centenarian prayed for him and urged him to be patient in all his dealings with people regardless of their faiths.
The cleric expressed gratitude to God for the maiden elevation of a Muslim to the exalted Office of the Supreme Court of Ghana, adding that the feat would encourage young lawyers and others to aim high in their chosen professions.
It was a moment for the Chief Imam to remember the departed parents of the Supreme Court nominee as he prayed for their souls.
To his guest, the Chief Imam charged him to be resolute in his work and to rely only on God for guidance and protection.
Justice Tanko expressed gratitude to the Chief Imam and beseeched God to prolong his life so that he would continue to serve humanity with his wisdom.
The Supreme Court nominee also called on the Chief Imam of the Ahlunsuna Wal Jamaa sect, Sheikh Umar Ibrahim, who congratulated him on his nomination.
He thanked God for the honour done Muslims in the country, adding that “60 years after independence, Ghana is about to have her first Muslim Supreme Court Justice.”
He expressed satisfaction with the performance of Justice Tanko during the vetting, and advised Muslim youth to seek knowledge and develop passion for research to help them conduct themselves within the context of religious ethics and effective communication.
Justice Tanko thanked Sheikh Umar for his prayers and exhortation.
Source:Daily Guide
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