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30 Year Old Woman Arrested in Kano Marrying Two Men

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The Kano State Hisbah Command has arrested a 30 year old woman, Hauwa Ali, yesterday for allegedly marrying two men at the same time.

The woman first husabnd, Bello Ibrahim, who's an idigene of Adamawa State, has told the Hisbah board that he left his home in Kano last year and went to Adamawa to seek for medication concerning his illness but after he came back this week he met his wife Hauwa'u with another man in his house.

When he asked the man what brought him to the house, he told him that he is the new husband of Hauwa and they got married last month.

However, Hauwa'u told the Hisbah board that Ibrahim has already divorced her before leaving and that's why she get married to another person.

The spokesman of the Hisbah board said they are currently investigating the matter and will hand over the case to the court next week after they are done with the investigations.


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