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A man selling herbs with a Benz c300 worth millions of naira

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Currently trending on social media platforms is a video of a man, selling traditional herbs, from a Mercedez Benz c300 worth millions of naira. In a society like Nigeria, more often than not, the type of car, gadgets and houses a person owns determines how much of a success he or she is. As a result, a lot of people are driven by the pressure to be recognized in that light and in the process, get involved in illegal activities. For yahoo boys, it is believed Mercedes Benz automobiles are their go-to choice of cars whenever a scam pulls through successfully for them. Well, a Twitter user recently shared a video that left many social media users amused. In the video, a man is seen hawking traditional herbal products, from a Mercedes Benz c300, a car many people hustle to get their hands on.

See some comments on Instagram:
 mshiiima: "All Benz na Benz... Baba don use him own open shop" vanessanikky: "Lol na him son buy am for ammmmm 
Papa must hustle on his own oooo even G wagon dey carry firewood." pinklipscream2:
 "Forget, some Hausa men get money oh but their outfits no Dey allow the money show" bukola.olaiya_
: "This guy didn’t work to buy that car. He was probably given by one of his politician brothers or uncles " nnenna_aldo:
 "The car you’re using to caption “Haters gonna hate Mama I made it big” is a taxi in Dubai. In this life, you’re always small to someone and big to another so don’t kill yourself over anything" olami_quality:
 "This is just a SIGN that the MAN IS SELLING ORIGINAL PRODUCT!!Cuz he knows if he use a bad car then go think say him na Hunger! But with BENZ.....iya yin! E get reason .


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