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Muslims set to issue Halal certificate to companies

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The office of the National Chief Imam took it to Facebook to announce to  the public about the halal certificates.
“The Office of the National Chief Imam set up the National Halal Certification Committee (NHCC) with a board and secretariat.
In the past 12years, His Eminence the National Chief Imam himself signed the Halal certificates for companies wanting Halal certificates but the ONCI thought it wise and necessary, for sustainability purposes, to set up a secretariat for the inspection and issuance of Halal certificates.

The committee will be publishing, next year January, list of companies that registered.

Registration process is simple and goes this way:

1. Registration form is available online at and competed form must be received by (NHCC) via email or What’s up
2. NHCC and the company agree on suitable date for NHCC staff to inspect the company processes and handling of meat products or beverages
3. Th company receives Feedback on whether NHCC will issue Issue or refuse Halal certificates within 24hrs of inspection
4. Payment of registration fee and receipt
5. Issuance of Halal certificates, logos and stickers


Inspectors must be given Transportation fee at the business premises Instantly at the end of inspection.
All the processes are usually done within 5 working days”

Source: Zongolinkmultimedia

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