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Use neighborhood watch committees as elections security task force

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Comrade Huzair to EC GHANA

A Neighborhood Watch Committee also called a crime watch or neighbourhood crime watch, is an organized group of civilians devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood.

Neighbourhood Watch is seen as a method of reducing crime through residents looking out for suspicious activities and reporting them to the police. ... Neighbourhood Watch programmes incorporating property marking and home security surveys (Neighbourhood Watch Plus) are effective in reducing crime. At this juncture, let me pause and then congratulate and appreciate the efforts and enthusiastic roles played by the indomitable and unperturbed Darkuman Neighborhood Watch Committee during the Ghana Card Registration and other engagements. No one can underestimate the role of the above mentioned organization in curbing and maintaining law and order at the various Ghana Card acquisition and registration centers. If not the action of the neighborhood watch Committees, we would have experienced major chaotic situations.

It is also inspiring to note that, the neighborhood watch Committees have the power and expertise to promoting a serene and conducive society and can compliment the efforts of our security agencies so I call on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to utilize the Darkuman Neighborhood Watch Committee and others as Election Security Taskforce for the upcoming District Assembly Elections as well as the November 2020 general elections so that we do not overburden the already dwindling the police citizens ration. I also call on the strategic leadership of the Neighborhood Watch Committees to engage and activate discussions with the Electoral Commission and other stakeholders to operationalize this plan

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