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Contrary to the saying “Politics is a dirty game”  I see politics to be a game of the proactive, intelligent and the smartest. You need to market and sell your political ideology to the voter if you really want to be voted for. 

Everybody who joined a political party or become a political activist has a reason why he made such decision. Even though we may disagree with each others on certain grounds but it’s very important we respect each others decision. 

Politics is about numbers and you need to convince the people on why they should rally behind you and vote for you and not your contender.  
Unlike yesterday, the Ghanaian voter is more discerning and updated than ever and can’t be taking for granted. But this is not the case in the Zongo community. 

Since the inception of the 4th republic the Zongo community has been the major target destination for our politicians where they come to and recruit some of our unemployed youth, arm, insight and use them as tools for political violence and other crimes to their political selfishness advantage against their contenders in every electioneering year across Ghana. 

The most annoying and sad part of the whole thing is the usual use and damp syndrome we have witness over the years after winning political power. Our youth are left unattended to by the same politicians they nearly die for all under the pretense that the zongo youth who fought for him/her has no academic qualifications and therefor not employable. If no qualification is required for campaigning why is qualification required after you have gotten the power and the time has come to get me job. 

How long can we avail ourselves for the greedy politicians to use and damp us? 
Several zongo youth lost their precious life in the line of political violence clashes, others are disabled today for the same reason. 

The most recent and fresh in my mind was that bloody clashes of Ayawaso West Wugon bye-elections which resulted in several injuries. 

Election 2020 is around the corner and I want to entreat my brothers in the Zongo community across Ghana to say no to political violence. Tell that honorable to invite his children and family members to go and cause mayhem and political disturbances he wanted to contracted you for. 

No political ambition of any individual or group of persons is more important than the peace we are enjoying in Ghana. Ghana need you alive. 
Long live Ghana, long live Zongo.

Ismail Imran 
(A.k.A. Ishmael BillGate Imran ) 

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