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The Maulid in Prang is an annual program celebrated to mark the birth of Sheikh Ahmad Tijani rta who is known as the seal of the Saints .

This maulid started in the 1960s when Sheikh Abdullahi Ahmed Maikano Jalloo rta debated Sheikh Yusuf ( Alfa Ajura ) in Tamale to extract Salathi Fathi from the Qur'an. Sheikh Abdullahi Ahmed Maikano Jalloo rta succeeded by extracting the Salathi Fathi by using verses of the Qur'an as requested .

 This debate was a deadly debate because he laid his life on the line by signing  bond which stated he will be killed if he fails to prove the existence of Salathi Fathi in the Qur'an. Alhamdulillah! After defeating Sheikh Yusuf he then organised this maulid in Tamale to thank Allah for giving us Sheikh Tijani rta.

The  program line up for 2019 edition  is scheduled as follows
10/10/19 Quran recitation
11/10/19  congregational prayer               
                 and Hailala.
12/09/19   Damba. And Maulid

Story: Abdul Kadiri Abubakari. General Secretary. Zawiyatu As'habul Kahf Jallo (Dome)

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