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Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamidu hails Buhari

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Nigeria Former Central Bank Govnor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the Emir of Kano has hail President Muhhamadu Buhari by taking charge as a member of the new Economic Advisory Council.

Emir Sanusi also said he supports the closing of the Seme border between Nigeria and Benin Republic.

The Economic Advisory Council (EAC) will advise the President on economy matters,which will include fiscal analysis, economic growth, internal and global economic issues.They will  work with cabinet members and head of monetary and fiscal agencies.

The advisory council will replace the current Economic Management Team ( EMT) and they will report daily directly to the President.

Every  quarter of every month the  EAC will attend a technical meetings with the President. However, the  Chairman, is allowed to ask the President for meeting anytime he wants

Critics say this will only favour the ordinary Nigerians since things are going to be affordable.It has always being the President's wish to give his people something he would be remembered for as a legacy.

The Amir is optimistic the new economic team would save the country's economy.

Mariam Shaibu

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