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Concerned youth of Ejura in collaboration with Zongo Chief to organize Quran & Hadith competition

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The Concerned Youth Of Ejura is a youth group that works to empower the youth and champion the development of the Ejura Community.

One of their achievements so far has been the organization of the Annual ENGLISH,SCIENCE,MATHEMATICS &ICT QUIZ for Junior High Schools in Ejura which started in 2017 .

As part of their effort in promoting Arabic Education, they have formed an alliance  with the Ejura Zongo Chief , Alhaji Mohammed Suraj Alhassan to organize Quran &Hadith Competition for the Arabic Schools within the Ejura Zongo Community.

In all , about thirteen (13) Arabic schools have registered to partake in the Maiden Edition of the Competition.

The program will be in two parts . From 21st-22nd September,2019 , there is going to be Quranic Recitation competition where winners will be selected to be awarded with prizes. From 28th-29th September,2019 too , there is going to be Hadith Competition where winners will be selected and awarded.

There following are the names of the Arabic Schools:

1. Al-Ummah Islamic School
2. Nasariya Islamic School
3. Haramain Sharifain Islamic School
4. Ihy-au-deen Islamic School
5. Tarbiyatul Islamiya. Islamic School
6. Daru-Salaam Islamic School
7. Islamiya Islamic School
8. Al-Rufaiya Islamic School
9. Saulaniya Islamic School
10. Tadribiya.  Islamic School
11. Barahimiya. Islamic School
12. Nuru-Islam Islamic School.
13. Irshdiyya.  Islamic School

The General Secretary of the group,Mr. Abubakar Saddique Ahmed Stated that , with the love for our kids to memories and learn how to recite the Quran and Hadith , this is going to be an annual contest that will go a long way to promote Arabic Education and also to empower as many young children in the Ejura Zongo Community

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